About Us

At Dillard Sellers, we are advocates and counselors who specialize in land use, local government, and litigation.   With decades of building relationships with elected officials, planning department staffs, developers, and commercial real estate stakeholders, we are well positioned to guide our clients through the complexity of zonings, variances, use permits and other real estate entitlements. Our extensive knowledge in real estate, local government law, annexation and land use litigation paired with our reputation, relationships and prior experience with the local officials allows us to cater to the exact needs of our clients.  Because each development is different, we believe in a collaborative approach to create a strategic plan to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our success across Georgia has shaped the skylines, neighborhoods, commercial and mixed-use communities, as well as industrial developments.  Dillard Sellers attorneys draft legislation and creatively approach challenges resulting in positive solutions for our clients.  When needed, we have the litigation experience to pursue real estate claims and business disputes in court.    Dillard Sellers is a team of relationship-based problem solvers advancing developments from paper to reality.